Why do not you direct your house with the roof finial?

Roof finials have a long history of being used as roof top ornaments to architecturally emphasize the apex of a building all over the world. In some Asian cultures, they are traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits.

Roof Finials Straddle type

Roof Finials polyhedron type

Natural Ventilation

Attic ventilation alleviates unpleasant conditions in homes and extends the life of the building frame.

In the summer, direct light from the sun raises the roof temperature and causes very high temperatures in the attic as well. Ceilings can block this only to a limited extent, so the heat ends up filtering into the house. Meanwhile, in the winter, heat in the house transfers to the attic and causes condensation to form. This creates a bad living environment where mold grows easily and shortens the life of the house. MORIKUNI VENTILATION provides effective, constant ventilation by using the power of nature without any need for electricity. This keeps high summer temperatures in check and lessens winter condensation.

*An air supply opening must be installed in the eaves.

About Morikuni

Message from President and CEO

Welcome to MORIKUNI Co.,Ltd my name is Daizo Sato. I would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to our wide range of products. We specialize in traditional Japanese metallic roofing decorations and are recognized as the pioneers in our field. We have earned the trust and respect of others in our industry by marrying old world craftsmanship with new world technology. We have taken the fine art of handmade craftsmanship and developed it to a point where we can mass produce our product without losing any of its high quality authenticity. Therefore, I take pride in introducing you to our fine line of traditional Japanese roofing products and look forward to increasing our product line in the future. It is our desire to introduce our products to a large international audience, and so develop friendly business relationships with other countries.

Company Profile

Company Name MORIKUNI Co.,Ltd
President and CEO Daizo Sato
Headquarters 454, Hataya, Nishikan-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata, 959 -0423, Japan
Capital Japanese Yen \12,000,000
Established 1976
Business Outline Metal roof top decoration
Manufacture and sale of (Morikuni, hoju, rain chains, etc.)
Production and Distribution
Main Products Morikuni / Hoju / Giboshi / Rain chains / Tsuridoro etc.
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Award Invention Encouragement Award from Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (1986)

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Contact US

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